15 Years – Graduate Jewellers at DJCAD

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Merlin Planterose, Lady Grange Collection

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design held an exhibition called 15 Years, exhibiting works by Scottish jewellery design graduates from the past fifteen years. This was held on the last few days of Scottish Jewellery Week. I was lucky to be able to see my allocated jeweller’s work in person; Merlin Planterose displayed select pieces from her Lady Grange Collection. The fine chain she makes by hand really fascinated me, the skill and intricacy is quite stunning. This style is very different to my own practice but her heavy-handed process and obsession with texture have me inspired to approach my own works in a similar way.


Mariko Sumioka

Mariko Sumioka is another jeweller from the 15 Years exhibition that I am interested in. Her use of colour is very simple and the blemishes in the enamel really appeal to me. I love collage jewellery and Mariko achieves such a clean and fashionable form. Her contemporary style has a sophisticated way of connecting precious and non-precious materials.


Merlin Planterose

Merlin-Planterose-Lady-Grange Merlin-Planterose3

Lady Grange Lockets

Merlin Planterose is a 2011 graduate from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. She now resides in Leckmelm Wood in the stunning highlands with her studio overlooking Lochbroom- a great view to inspire contemporary jewellery practice! She works with silver and precious stones, making for exhibitions, also stock and commissions for her business.

On a visual level, Merlin’s works are very fine and intricate, but her process in creating these pieces is far from delicate. She hammers silver with stone through a raising technique and shapes the metal into vessels and domes. The most interesting part of this process is that the powder from the stone is embedded into the silver, giving the metal’s surface an organic appearance, as well as an aged look and consequently a history.

Check out Merlin’s website http://www.merlinplanterose.co.uk/