Lady Grange Collection

Untitled1  Merlin-Planterose-studs

Merlin Planterose, Lady Grange Collection

The concept behind Merlin Planterose’s Lady Grange Collection comes from the true story of Lady Grange, a woman imprisoned by her husband in the 1700s. She was confined on the archipelago of St Kilda where the beautiful but unforgiving land inspired this collection. The harsh conditions Lady Grange went through are communicated through the rough-textured metal and the finer elements of the stones and gold refer to the Lady’s status. The style of these adornments is very traditional with a contemporary edge. Lockets have long been worn on chains around the neck with memories of loved ones inside, and pearls are a classic adornment to the body. These elements are juxtaposed by hard textures and embedded stone on the silver surface that cradles the treasure.


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