In my module, Undiscovered Landscapes, we focus a lot on place and the characteristics that make something a ‘place’. Typically, place is considered a portion of space occupied by someone or something, but it is so much more than that. Memories, meaning and resonances make a space a place. All senses contribute to place. Wherever we go we take place with us, physically and mentally. Time is also connected to this. The experience of travelling within landscapes and spaces can be affected by the speed of the movement through the space, the amount of time spent in the space and also the time of day. Place is a point that one has reached and also a verb- to place something. Place can be something that’s lived and experienced bodily, it can be defined by all senses and qualities. Changes to a place can distort the feeling or memory that originally connected one to the place, for example darkness.

“One day my wife and I went hiking and we missed the last train by mistake. While patiently waiting for the first train at Takao Station at around midnight, I came up with an idea of climbing nearby Kusato Mountain. The utter darkness was really scary but it was very new to me. While walking, the day was gradually breaking. It was as if the scenery in a black-and-white film suddenly changed into a color film. It was like a bright red flower appeared. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t find words to describe it. I have never forgotten the sensation. I started walking in the dark to enjoy the complete darkness.”

 Walking in the Dark by Jun Nakano

I am very pleased to discern that place can be a spot on the body. As my practice is predominantly in making jewellery, this opens up many conceptual ideas that I can transform into tactile pieces. As I have stated previously- Jewellery is a vessel, a space that conveys meaning and experience. It is a portable story or metaphor and can therefore carry ‘place’ with it. Several different meanings will come from the one piece of jewellery depending on the wearer and the viewer- this could make for a great experiment!…


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