Iris Eichenberg

iris eichenberg iris eichenberg2 iris eichenberg3

Iris Eichenberg’s works jumped out at me as soon as I came across them. Her colour palette is very similar to what I like to experiment with and for the past year I have worked with polymer clay using similar techniques to her. I am always so motivated to get into the studio and start making after I see Eichenberg’s works.

“… trying to find a balance; contradicting materials like fleshy pink plastic and gold, copper-plated silver, wool, and rose-quartz, girly ribbons, panty-hose and beads. Sexy and repulsive at the same time- you need to touch them- wear them and they transform… being placed on the body they melt into the clothes and the body at the same time… they long for a body but also long for the person standing in front of you, triggering the voyeur in the other”

Iris Eichenberg,


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