Story in a Brooch

IMG_2950 IMG_2948 IMG_2864 IMG_2862

I considered the colours of bruises and my previous sketches when burning and combining these neoprene forms. To find meaning in the forms, I wore them as brooches to find out what other people saw in them. This idea came from my research into narrative jewellery and place. Viewers applied their unique stories to the brooches- I can’t say this experiment has worked because I have only had about ten or so suggested meanings…

Social projects are hard, as you rely on others to help you get somewhere with your work and it does not always pay off. I found this experiment made the project stagnant, so I will now apply my own conceptual ideas to the pieces. First I want to add details that will make the appearance more grotesque and this could even subsequently make the works less practical for everyday wear.


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