Bruise  (brooz)

  1. bruised, bruis·ing, bruis·es

  1. To injure the underlying soft tissue or bone of (part of the body) without breaking the skin, as by a blow.
  2. To damage (plant tissue), as by abrasion or pressure: bruised the fruit by careless packing.
  3. To dent or mar.
  4. To pound (berries, for example) into fragments; crush.
  5. To hurt, especially psychologically.


To experience or undergo bruising: Peaches bruise easily.


  1. An injury to underlying tissues or bone in which the skin is not broken, often characterized by ruptured blood vessels and discolorations.
  2. A similar injury to plant tissue, often resulting in discoloration or spoilage.
  3. An injury, especially to one’s feelings.

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