Blunt Force Objects

_MG_2949 _MG_2947_MG_2958 _MG_2960

Stemming from the theme We Are Not Made of Glass, I made hammers to bruise the body. The hammer heads are from found glass that attach to timber handles, finished with flesh-like polymer clay. I wanted to make an accessible, blunt object that is to be used to bruise the skin for adornment.

These are for my Undiscovered Landscape project where I have been looking at the body as landscape. The two projects tie in together with the same concept, as if they are two artworks in the same exhibition.


These stamps are part of the hammer series. The impact end began as scab-like wax moulds, which I then cast into pewter. When applied to the surface of the body with pressure, the textured stamp marks the skin through both an immediate colour change and an indentation of the scab contours- leaving behind a beautifully organic adornment.


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