I went on a week long trip to Amsterdam with uni and I absolutely loved it.


Marlene Dumas’ exhibition The Image As Burden was showing in the Stedelijk Museum. It was the most amazing luck that my favourite painter’s retrospective was showing while is was in the same city.

IMG_3753 IMG_3754

We spent a couple hours in Galerie Rob Koudijs looking through the two exhibitions and draws where some jewellery is stored. I thought it was really great to see (in person) works belonging to jewellers I have researched over my years of study. I was very excited to see Ted Noten and Ruudt Peters exhibited in Rob’s gallery.

We went to Galerie Marzee- the biggest jewellery gallery in the world. This was my favourite part of the trip, I could have spent an entire day looking through the many many draws of jewellery, sketching what I see. Marzee is in a beautiful, trendy town called Nijmegen.

IMG_3809 IMG_3798

I thoroughly enjoyed my week in Amsterdam. I got to experience the museums and galleries, went iceskating, saw interesting street art and loved the old buildings. I will definitely be going back there, hopefully one day to attend my own exhibition in Galerie Rob Koudijs or Galerie Marzee.


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