IMG_3830  IMG_3831

IMG_3833  IMG_3832

These are photos of the impressions left on my skin by the stamps. My wrist has interesting red lines from the raised contours on the face of stamp and my finger has quite a definite indentation. I then drew around these images to demonstrate their functionality as natural jewellery, but I do prefer the marks as they are without drawings to make them look like conventional jewellery.



IMG_3362 IMG_3364

IMG_3371 IMG_3365

The result of my hand-printed bruises is these temporary tattoos. I am very happy with how realistic they look on the body- positioned tactically, the outcome will be more effective. I am imagining a professional and simple photo shoot with my friends wearing the tattoos in places on the body that one would typically wear jewellery. I want to portray bruises as adornments- these tattoos will be an accessible way of wearing a bruise without having to apply the usual blunt force.

Laser Engraving

Scan 15 Scan 14Scan 12 Scan 5

I happened to find sheets of neoprene that resemble the colours of bruises and then experimented with them. I previously posted photos of neoprene that I heat-moulded with a torch and made into brooches, here I have engraved sketches and scans of bruises into the material using the laser cutter. This machine really loves neoprene! These pieces refer back to Merlin Planterose’s heavy use of texture in her works, but with my own approach. I am so happy with the result, I can see the marks in the neoprene as marks on the skin- cuts and and blemishes, as well as scabs and grazes. I feel stuck with this technique though, and have experimented further by pressing polymer clay onto the pieces to pick up the lines and textures to bring the images into a 3D format.

IMG_3374  IMG_3553

The detail of the impressions is really beautiful and works quite well with production pieces. I don’t feel that these works are challenging enough and they do not carry my concept as far as I would like them to. I need to keep pushing my idea of bruises as adornment to a place that is original and gets people to consider bruises as beautiful additions to the body.


Story in a Brooch

IMG_2950 IMG_2948 IMG_2864 IMG_2862

I considered the colours of bruises and my previous sketches when burning and combining these neoprene forms. To find meaning in the forms, I wore them as brooches to find out what other people saw in them. This idea came from my research into narrative jewellery and place. Viewers applied their unique stories to the brooches- I can’t say this experiment has worked because I have only had about ten or so suggested meanings…

Social projects are hard, as you rely on others to help you get somewhere with your work and it does not always pay off. I found this experiment made the project stagnant, so I will now apply my own conceptual ideas to the pieces. First I want to add details that will make the appearance more grotesque and this could even subsequently make the works less practical for everyday wear.

Bruise Imitation

bruise2  bruise5 bruise7  bruise

I experimented with bruise colours using relief-printing techniques with a gel plate. I am very happy with how they turned out. From here I can transfer these images onto metals or polymer clay, or even experiment with folding the paper into 3D objects- there are so many options! I do want these to be an element of my final design as they have developed successfully.

Alternative Materials

IMG_2812 IMG_2817 IMG_2825 IMG_2830

After experimenting with plastic and fire, I continued playing with alternative materials and came up with these objects. They are made from tin foil, cling wrap and straws. I do not like the outcome, so I decided to focus on the shapes and textures, which lead me to these sketches.

IMG_2865 IMG_2866

I much prefer the sketches. The curves and tones enhance the shapes, giving more options for considered 3D outcomes.

Plastic and fire

IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2842 IMG_2840 IMG_2724

These samples are the result of experimenting with plastic and cardboard. I was drawn to burning the materials and melting them together to create a meaningful composition that exaggerated curves and brought out simple colours. This conscious damage to the materials is a great process and produces forms that would normally be considered ugly but I find the subtleties and contours very interesting and in their own way, beautiful.